Saving Unica Zürn

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The first time I „met“ this female author was 1989 in the West german State library seeing a cover with a beautyful melancholic drawing of her. I stood there with this small book in my hands and I couldn’t stop reading her story „The Man of Jasmine“. Since this magic moment I’m completely in love with her incredible poetical writing. Her „Imago“ is so a mysterious streaming between the lines, it always feels like to listen the native voice of a child. Or it feels like the theory of „female writing“ starts to be wonderful alive with her writing.
What I need to say is, that this woman died early. Nobody clearly knows the circumstances of her death, maybe it was an accidence or even from suicide. Otherwise the very strong imaginating of her anagrammes at least seemed to bring her into alot of madness. Sometimes she decided by herself to live in a institution.
In the end I don’t care this stuff in her bio. Her story „The Man of Jasmine“ for me always works as an strong and unforgettable impression. My own writing to express my „Imago“ even seems mostly formed by her.

Saving Unica Zürn

–>>> more about Unica Zürn and a small galery of her drawings
Unica Zürn: Drawings from the 1960s. Katalog. Ubu Gallery, New York 2005

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Surrmann schrieb:

Zürns Grafiken und ihre Texte finde ich sehr spannend.
Die Tragik ihres Lebens finde ich schrecklich.
Besonders schrecklich finde ich, dass der gesellschaftliche Aspekt ihres Leidens
auch heute noch zur Normalität gehört.

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