On Furry Feet

7 November, 2010 (15:02) | | lug & trug | Kommentieren

Just don’t continue with those haughty eyes
To look at me so that my heart starts beating
In thuds too loud; I know these eyes are cheating!
They cover all these little smartass lies

You told me since we had this hearty meeting.
I hear that blackbird’s angry whistled cries!
It tells me what your brilliant talk denies:
You walk on furry feet and wave in greeting

A sneaky tail just like a pussycat.
You schmooze me out with slinky kitty purring
And dance in front of me your tit for tat.

Your speech is full of tempting wistful slurring.
It is your sexy smell you lure me at
So that my head starts off in twisted blurring.

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Idee: Enno E. Peter & Sabrina Ortmann

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